बुधवार, ८ मार्च, २०२३

Thank you

Thank you
I may not be in your memory,
I may not be in your world,
I may not be in your business,
and I may not be in your parties.

But still you accepted me,
my existence in you
without any expectations.
You uttered few words for 
my prosperity health and wealth,
it made me strong 
and more sensitive ,
gave me energy like blessing sunshine.

It may be formal 
a task of few seconds.
Allowed me to fill with gratitude 
with nameless love and affection.

Thank you for 
your tiny though 
million times used words.
Which are always
bonding and charismatic, 
wishing me 
Happy Birthday.

©Dr.Vikrant Tikone https://kavitesathikavita.blogspot.com ☘☘☘☘☘☘ ..

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