मंगळवार, ८ नोव्हेंबर, २०२२



I didn't go to see his body 
yes dead body 
I didn't go for his funeral 
how can I see it ?
yes I don't dare 

I don't dare to see dead body 
of my Beloved friends and relatives 
so their image in my mind 
never die .
when you don't meet anybody 
years after years 
in a way you are dead
to each other 
but their image  is always alive
in your mind 
and as long as it is alive 
the relation is alive 
there is life .

when one sees a dead face 
of dear one.
One also dies along with it 
part of his is burning buring 
going to the land of no return
so I never attend funeral 
Much possible as 
and I wish you 
Also not to come for mine  .
keep me alive 
as long as you are.

© डॉ.विक्रांत प्रभाकर तिकोणे 
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